Service with a smile

sri_chinmoy_smilingSri Chinmoy knew well the value of humour in a world that is often assailed by negative influences. He appreciated the talents of comedians and their ability to lift the consciousness of humanity. In moments of levity with his students, he would occasionally watch comedies or classic TV sitcoms like Fawlty Towers.

He often held functions for hours where light-hearted skits would be performed or where he would tell humorous anecdotes.

He said: “A life without humour is undoubtedly a life of slow but certain failure. Humour is the spice of life. Humour shakes off tension-fever, unnerves frustration-night and brings to the fore spontaneously encouraging reality and fulfilling beauty.”

Throughout his life, he wrote numerous amusing stories and even some books of jokes. Here are a few examples from his book Relaxation-Secrets for the Pressured Mind:

“Waiter, why are there coins in my soup?”
“I just carried out your order. You wanted some change in the soup.”

A mother said to her daughter: “Please do not tell lies anymore. Each time you tell a lie, I get a grey hair.”
Her daughter said: “Oh, I see. That is why my grandmother has so many grey hairs!”

Jokes like these have a special child-like quality and naive wisdom that immediately bypass the sophisticated mind. And somehow, we cannot help but smile.