Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team

sri_chinmoy_clappingAthletic competition is something we can all appreciate, either from the perspective of a participant or by watching others achieve their best. It inspires us. And in life, there is nothing quite like inspiration to motivate and energise us.

As a youth in India, Sri Chinmoy regularly competed in track and field competitions. Years later, when he took up long distance running in America, he would compete in organised fun runs and marathons. But he also wanted to offer the running community more opportunities to compete in friendly, non-commercial, service-oriented events.

In 1977, the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team was formed with the ideal of “self-transcendence” at its core. “In competitive sports”, he says, “our primary aim should be not to surpass others but constantly to surpass ourselves.”

Around the world each year the Team puts on hundreds of fun runs, triathlons, multi-sports and ultra-distance running events. In several countries, the Sri Chinmoy 24-hour Races have been designated as National Championships. But there is one race staged annually in New York that captures global attention like no other event — it is the Self-Transcendence 3100 Mile Race — the longest certified footrace in the world.

The following video traces Sri Chinmoy’s athletic career and the evolution of the Sri Chinmoy Marathon Team.