Sri Chinmoy: a Peace-dreamer

Like the visionaries of old, Sri Chinmoy stood firmly against tyranny, injustice and oppression, but not in a combative way. The so-called ‘evils of the world’ are, in truth, the enemies within. In our own lives, we see the tyranny of our own thoughts, the injustice of our own actions and the oppression of our own self-imposed limitations. And Sri Chinmoy’s answer to this is expressed in his conviction that the indomitable strength of the human spirit is destined to prevail.

To Sri Chinmoy the soul and the spiritual heart are not hypotheticals, they are ever-present realities with capacities that need to be nurtured and developed. He calls his philosophy the ‘Path of the Heart’.

“It is we who have to see the capacity and the quality of the heart … the heart has limitless capacity on the strength of its oneness with the soul.” — Sri Chinmoy

It is this quality of the heart that has endeared him to so many. And it is the capacity of the heart that Sri Chinmoy sees as the way to world peace: “I have not come into this world to change it. I have come only to love the world in such a way that you and I and everyone else can work together. I pray to God to give me the capacity to be of service to Him. One individual can never, never change the world, but collectively everybody has to work together. Jointly, with a oneness-heart, we hope to bring about world peace.”

(An excerpt from Sri Chinmoy Reflections.)

Sri Chinmoy Peace-dreamer.