Meetings with world luminaries

Sri Chinmoy at the home of Nelson Mandela in South Africa in 1998.

Whether through the United Nations or by his own credentials as a universal man of peace, Sri Chinmoy’s meetings with world leaders have had a subtle, yet aquite profound effect.

Whenever Sri Chinmoy met with politicians he tried to speak to the heart of the individual and not to the partisan mind. One who wholeheartedly embraced the importance of Sri Chinmoy’s message of peace was President Mikhail Gorbachev of the former USSR. “Your loving heart and profound wisdom,” he once wrote, “are a matter of my boundless admiration.” The two close friends met on numerous occasions and corresponded regularly over many years.

Another world leader Sri Chinmoy was honoured to call a dear friend was President Nelson Mandela of South Africa. Even the great at times need inspiration and Nelson Mandela called it, “a real shot in the arm,” when he was presented with the ‘U Thant Peace Award’ by Sri Chinmoy in 1996. He went on to say: “This award from you is one that I am going to respect a great deal, and which encourages me in the difficult work that we are doing.”

(An excerpt from Sri Chinmoy Reflections.)