O My Australia

Between 1976 and 2003 Sri Chinmoy composed 9 special songs about Australia and another 27 songs that reference Australia’s unique qualities and achievements, its cities and landmarks, and its prominent sporting and political leaders. The first of these soulful tributes, ‘O My Australia’, was composed on February 20, 1976 — just 10 days before his first visit.


“O my Australia, Australia, Australia!
I love your beauty’s vastness green.
I love your heart’s sweet unseen cry.
Your new soul knows no bondage-screen.
It beckons your body’s strength to fly.
O my Australia, Australia, Australia!
No foe have you, a matchless surprise!
Your simple, soulful life of love,
At God’s express Hour Choice shall rise.
Yours is the trumpet-triumph here and above.
O my Australia, Australia, Australia!”
— Sri Chinmoy