40 years ago


Sri Chinmoy first visited Australia in March 1976. Travelling to Perth, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne and Adelaide, he delivered a total of 10 lectures in 11 days. These lectures were later published in two volumes, entitled My Heart’s Salutation to Australia.

He also met with prominent Australians like Olympic runner Ron Clarke and world champion surfer Ian Cairns, with whom he discussed the spiritual significance of sport; world-renown scientist and Governor of South Australia Sir Mark Oliphant, and the Lord Mayor of Perth; and held spiritual discussions with Wayside Chapel founder Reverend Ted Noffs, the Anglican Dean of Perth, and the Catholic Bishop of Adelaide.

It was in Adelaide he played the esraj on television for the first time and, in Melbourne he learned to play the Western flute. In Perth and Sydney, he also recorded music and songs for two LP albums. And, in each city, Sri Chinmoy still found time to produce a number of his acclaimed Jharna-Kala, Fountain-Art, paintings and drawings.